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I don’t do alts. I can tell you have a few, though. You will truly convince us of your superiority by throwing shit fits online. Behold the master race.

the problem is that employment is not at-will nor is it a voluntary relationship. The fact that employers (who hold MASSIVE amount of power over you) are demanding this is dystopian.

I’ve never quite understood what the cancel mob expects him to do if they successfully get him fired, evicted, ostracized completely, etc. What are people supposed to do after getting cancelled?

I’ll never understand it either. “I sure like video games, but I wish they sucked!”

Before I had a massive falling-out with my friends, we liked playing Among Us, Guild Wars 2, and a few others. Right now I’m periodically playing Runescape and Valheim with various peeps.

I agree. When people make “human nature” arguments (which are often flawed and incorrect anyway) my response is usually “well, then we need a system that controls this impulse, not one that celebrates it.”

  1. I recommend Xfce. There are naysayers who disapprove of the lack of transparent glass windows, but you can make Xfce look perfectly fine, with the same Gtk themes GNOME uses. Xfce is very modular and highly customizable.

Or if you’re a type of person they don’t like. “We didn’t fire him because he was black, we fired him for no reason at all, so it’s perfectly legal!”

Please read it again. They can FIRE you for any reason or without a reason, without notice. You can get fired here just because the boss doesn’t like you on a personal level, and it’s perfectly legal.

Yes, I’m constantly paranoid about the United States of Spain charging me pesetas :/

I use an Android app on F-Droid called MoneyWallet. It works pretty well and if you set it up right it can offer some sorts of analytic data for you.

When I say “nazi” I don’t mean “person I disagree with,” which ironically seems to be your defintion. Nazis belong to a very specific extreme right-wing ideology. Why are you here instead of making Winnie the Pooh memes on Reddit, though?

I mean, necessary, unfortunately. It sucks but social distancing is necessary for this.

Probably. The reason I was shaving my head wasn’t that I was balding, it was that I thought it would be more convenient than having hair. I was incorrect in this assessment.

The following are legal where I live but should not be:

  1. Firing employees for any reason, or without a reason, without notice and at any time.
  2. Forcing employees to work any number of hours or days without breaks or days off
  3. Working employees 31 hours weekly so you don’t have to provide benefits to them
  4. Being a health insurance company
  5. Marrying as young as 13, with parental consent (gross)
  6. Holocaust denial
  7. Being a nazi

EDIT: I noticed a downvote. Which of these things should be legal?

The Queen of Argyll

I discovered this excellent performance of Silly Wizard’s “The Queen of Argyll” today and figured I’d share!..

I have created a new community as I recently saw there isn’t an existing community for go, the ancient Chinese board game of strategy. …

How to cope with lack of IRL friends/acquaintances on the Fediverse?

So, I completely switched to FOSS federated social networks toward the middle of 2020. I love the Fediverse, but nobody I know IRL seems to care at all about it in any capacity, so I’m basically just screaming into a void full of other FOSSheads. How do I reconcile this? How do we get our IRL peeps …

Seen today on the alien site. Figured I’d share it here too…

Spotted on Diaspora today…


Hey everyone, I figured I’d just share some guitar videos I’ve put up on PeerTube…

What are these cats I'm seeing everywhere as avatars? [SOLVED]

I feel like every third person has that same cat as their avatar. Some are like different colors and some just have an overlay or whatever but it’s the same cat. What is it??? …

Best Places to Meet New People Online?

Hello everyone. So this year has me feeling very isolated and I’m thinking about how easy it used to be to meet people online and how difficult it’s become to do so. There used to be tons of good places to meet people but internet culture has changed so much that now it’s virtually impossible. Even …

My previous PeerTube instance is down. Which one should I join?

As the title states, the PeerTube instance I had previously been using is down with no warning. I didn’t like it that much anyway. I’m looking for a good instance with anti-nazi moderation that has local content but also federates with many other instances. I’ve been thinking about framatube but is…

Is there a way to block Roku adds and tracking with my router?

Hey everyone, I’ve recently been wondering if there were any good ways to block ads and tracking on my Roku on the router level. I can’t really set up a pihole or anything like that (which would be perfect for this, I know) right now. …

Hey everyone, if you use Pidgin, the wonderful multi-protocol free and libre instant messaging client, come join me over at c/pidgin.

How to only see subscribed communities on front page?

PLEASE is there a way to ONLY see SUBSCRIBED communities on my front page? I’m CONSTANTLY seeing stuff from communities I’d actually rather like to block and I’d just like it to not be included by default…

Best diaspora instances?

Hey everyone, what are some of the best instances, in your opinion, to run diaspora?..

I need more Diaspora friends :)

Hey everyone! Check out my profile and add me if you feel so inclined…