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Google developers use Linux, probably something derived from Ubuntu.

I fear there is currently little reason to leave reddit. We need a scandal like the recent WhatsApp uproar which gave Signal and Telegram more users.

For example, Conway’s Law: Let’s assume you have a web app. You also have enough developers to split them into three teams. You can either split according to the parts (Frontend team, Backend team, Batch team) or you could use some other method, like split by function (Chat team, Video team, Account Management). You could also split them by skills (Dev team, Ops team, Designer team).

You can now pick your poison, where you want the app to be more consistent according to Conway’s Law. If you split by parts, then there will be a well defined API between front- and backend and changing it takes some discussion. If you split by function, the API will be fluid but the different functions will not feel as consistent to the users. If you split by skill, new features will take longer but the servers are more reliable and the logos are very consistent.

The effects will be weak if the three teams are in the same open floor. They will be extreme if each team is on a different continent and timezone.

In the other hand, following all these simple rules will not save you either. 😥

  • Keep talking and nobody explodes (copycats: Escape the BOOM, Them Bombs)
  • Spaceteam
  • Kahoot is just a quiz but fun


I use the hosted version because the point of monitoring is that it alerts me when the rest of my stuff is down. You can self host it though.

Hard realtime is not a feature to add. Instead the kernel needs to be simple enough. So the more features Linux gets, the less suitable for realtime it is.

Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows. https://twitter.com/mikko/status/1362763793042972673

A “hide” button to make submissions disappear from my frontpage even if the discussion goes on.

SlateStarCodex, Zettelkasten, Bogleheads, projectmanagement, ChrisRamsay52, rational

They are mostly about self-posts and discussions, so I cannot simply resubmit the stuff here.

Now i wonder if I’m overusing memes. This is the first time it has a negative effect though.

In Germany, many are unhappy about the vaccination progress and pressure politicians to do something. In my opinion, they sound like sports fans where everyone knows it better then the pros.

If politicians get pressured into emergency activities, they might actually slow down the pharma companies.