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If you look over at the Mastodon side of things, you’ll see where things can go when the social gains of these alternatives are the biggest part of the message. Tons of people use that not because they know it’s free software, not because they know it’s federated, but because “it’s Twitter but queerer and without the fascists!” There’s real tangible power in that appeal that needs to be at the front of the conversation.

As someone who recently set up a Mastodon Instance and supports people, philosophies, and movements like LGBTQ+, and Black Lives Matters, I know for me personally the anti free speech rhetoric that is oh so common on Mastodon is the most off putting part by far. What happened to using local moderation tools available to you to silence opinions you do not agree with?

My friends and I are meme shitposters, and we are constantly getting zucked and many of us have been fleeing FB and YouTube because they censor freedom of information and expression, so to find out about things like fediblock and the fact it isn’t just instances that abuse and harass the network, but any network that promotes free speech and doesn’t censor the “right” content is automatically added to this list and defederated(e.x. https://fediblock.org/blocklist/#libre.video). It is extremely disconcerting, and my willingness to praise it as a viable alternative is directly related.

I think the Political Correct/Coddle culture is one of the most toxic things to the idea of freedom of information, as giving anyone the power to say, “I don’t agree with your view, so I will silence you, and make sure others do as well, or else” is almost even worse than Facebook. At some point creating or perpetuating this divisiveness is perpetuating hate, empowering idiots to think they are special, ultimately congregating them into and promoting echo chambers…

As someone who has been using Signal, and previously TextSecure for almost 10 years, Moxie’s attitude is abhorrent and counter-intuitive. I wasn’t aware of how bad Signal’s privacy model was as it was worlds better than any other option back in 2015(in terms of security, not functionality) and I have not heard cries for an alternative until recently. I just downloaded Session and will promote it moving forward. Does anyone know an alternative to Signal for encrypted local storage of traditional SMS messages?