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For German books it usually works well to link to the book’s entry on the publisher’s website. I don’t know how publishers do it elsewhere.

It’s been a while since I checked last, but worked for me. Twitter needed some attempts sometimes.

A huge data center of OVH burned down a while ago.

I’ve seen the image in the Hetzner interface, but I wonder what’s the benefit of using Arch as a server? I use Arch on my personal computers, but I’d be a bit afraid of using it as a production server. Is it that people want to use what they are used to?

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Ah, trotzdem gut :D

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Probably has nothing to do with the negative reactions over their new payment features…

You can request an invite on the flagship instance and currently they are accepted. Dev’s post: https://friend.camp/@tripofmice/106008396241386134

Ugh, so glad that instance in suspended from 161 :D

Ah okay, ich hatte irgendwie gehofft dass der AP support vielleicht ein paar Einstellungen hat, wo das geht. Dann ist es wohl am einfachsten, die Orte direkt in die Hashtags zu tun, ich werd demnächst auch mal wieder ein paar Termine einpflegen und hoffentlich dran denken. :)

Ja klar, ich dachte, vielleicht kann automatisch der Ort zu den Hashtags hinzugefügt werden. Innerhalb von gancio können über den Ort ja weitere Demos an dem Ort gefunden werden, deswegen ist der Hashtag da nicht nötig, aber in den ActivityPub Posts wär das praktisch.

I can’t see WhatsApp and Telegram in there. Were they not contemplated or are they actually better that these (doubt)?

Lässt der sich vielleicht etwas anpassen, so dass die Orte als Hashtag mitgepostet werden? Entweder den Ort zum Hashtag machen oder am Ende an die anderen mit dranhängen? Ich glaub, das wäre der Verbreitung förderlich.

Oh, nice! Mein letzter Follow Request war nie beantwortet worden, aber jetzt konnte ich gerade ganz normal folgen.

I’m a bit torn on this. On the one hand, it makes livestock keeping more profitable because the manure can be sold or at least disposed without having to pay expensive disposal fees. On the other hand, I think as long as there is animal husbandry, it’s the best to make use of all byproducts. Using the dung doesn’t further harm the animals but can be beneficial for agriculture without doubt.

That said, overfertilization is a huge problem and with the current dimensions of industrial livestock farming, it’s more damaging for the soil rather than being beneficial. It’s often just cheap disposal of the sewage.

I almost forgot about this, but with banks that are not online-only banks, you can still hand in bank transfer forms on paper. It’s tedious obviously and may take longer, but it works.

I don’t know the details of PSD2, but you can still pay with SEPA without biometrics if SEPA is available in your country. Some banks support 2FA via SMS when you don’t want to use their app.

Fand ich leider nicht du gut wie die anderen Lieder davor, der Gesang geht klar, aber bei der Mukke fehlt mir hier n bisschen der Druck.

Cool, thanks! Editied it in the op.

Glad to see you posting in this community, haven’t had much company over here so far. Have you been active in /r/rabm as well?

Yeah, can’t wait for it! The video has been deleted apparently.

Queer (Cyber)Punk that switched guitar & bass with Korg Kaossilator & Novation MiniNova. Making songs promoting homosexuality & anarchy and against cops, cars & capitalism^^ Lo-Fi diy music produced in their bedroom…