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yeah I think it is working again, lots more posts coming in :)

discoverability of sublemmies on other servers

I find it tedious to figure out what cool sublemmies on lemmy.ml I could be missing. …

feddit.de and lemmy.ml federation problems

if I sort posts by ‘New’ on feddit.de and lemmy.ml I see that a lot of posts don’t federate to feddit.de. Some posts I understand don’t reach us because nobody follows the sublemmy, but this seems to happen to ~50% of posts with sublemmies that I follow as well. …

couldn’t find a better sub to post this in. …

Tesla drivers say they have been locked out of their cars after an outage struck the carmaker’s app. …

being white is bad?

Are hungarians even white?

Oh no why does the top of his head give off such a strong vagina vibe

aah yes the golden top. Magnificent

It will shrink even faster!

you could post this as an individual post!

It’s not even funny how high american emissions are

It’s a 1to1 clone with even the menues looking the same, it must be the same developer I think.

The issue seems to be resolved.

No it’s not. Joinpeertube.org is the main onboarding site for interested people who don’t have a main server yet, moderating it is important.

The enabling right-wingers to host the most successful peertube servers is a different problem.

Hard disagree. The joinpeertube.org list of instance could be moderated with different rules for example.