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Isn’t clubhouse iPhone only? So this whole leak is made of people using iPhones?!

I think that generally for most people shoplifting isn’t good, simply because it might sow distrust and such things, society operates well on people being generally honest to each other.

If you need something though - go for it, I don’t think it’s morally wrong then.

I know of a couple of privileged people who shoplift for example food that they could easily afford, wouldn’t even have to change their lifestyle or whatever.

That’s just lame, not revolutionary or anything, and I feel that it might be immoral, even if you are taking from big corp. It’s not just big corp involved, but many regular people as well. It’s not you taking money here that’s the problem, it’s other people seeing you, they don’t know what you are taking etc.

Idk, I am interested in this discussion :)

Lmao everything has been said, I am going to resort to name calling now:


you say that then link to foxnews…

What are you trying to say? We get that you don’t care about the 100s of thousands of people dying from covid. But what else?

You keep talking about the vaccine??

group immunity means killing hundreds of thousands

the source of those electronics are other people who don’t want them anymore, because they are “old” or broken.

In germany there is a non-profit who accept donations of hardware and money and they fix old hardware to then give to people in need, (, maybe something like this would work?

If you want to do this maybe find a couple of people to help or start small by yourself, fixing old computers is pretty easy if you have a couple of them to swap parts :)

Drugs like shrooms are laughably easy to produce at home, but others like morphine based ones are pretty hard to make I’d imagine

Look up a hirarchy of needs and see where you can make a good impact and then maybe try to grow your support structures. In the end you could maybe refurbish older hardware with your collective and give that away, many people don’t need more than a linux machine for office and web browsing stuff and are totally happy with it.

lmao @ every tech company ever being bought by GAFAM.

This is a chance for open source to be more innovative than them I believe.

Wow that’s crazy. At first I thought it would be stupid, but if it works it works.

Interesting, it doesn’t happen often that a big media company is doing good investigation work

I agree. I think it’s sad that YaCy never worked as well as the alternatives, but it is a very cool project nonetheless!

Maybe in the future someone will try the concept again and succeed.

Also: Google is getting worse and worse, so it’ll get easier over time ;)

You are not allowed to bring any bags and we don’t sell any as well

Ich bekomme Notifications im Browser doppelt

Hat noch wer dasselbe Problem? …

It’s pretty entertaining I think, takes a little bit of time to understand what’s going on but there is are lots of VODs to re watch and he streams >10 hours per day lately. …

Positiver Artikel zu Corona

auch mal erfrischend…

Die Scheiss 1000 Artikel über die berliner Popup-Fahrradwege gehen mir auf den Geist

Schon wieder sehe ich einen, hurra, die Fahrradwege dürfen bleiben… Das ist aber sowas von unwichtig, ist einfach nur ein politisches Thema, die AfD natürlich dagegen und die anderen Parteien denken sich sie können sich jetzt schnell Pluspunkte bei der Bürgerin holen wenn sie so tun als wenn hier …

87EUR 2,5 Zoll externe Festplatte bei Mediamarkt grad, das ist ziemlich guenstig...

Man kann auch online bestellen aber im Markt abholen, das geht oft schneller. …

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