A fork of Signal for Android with passphrase lock. - mollyim/mollyim-android

Molly is a hardened version of the official Signal for Android app. It claims the following features,

  • Protects database with passphrase encryption
  • Locks down the app automatically after you go a certain time without unlocking your device
  • Securely shreds sensitive data from RAM
  • Allows you to delete contacts and stop sharing your profile
  • Clears call notifications together with expiring messages
  • Disables debug logs
  • No SMS integration

There are two flavors of it,

  • Molly - Similar to the official Signal app, plus the additional features
  • Molly-FOSS - Doesn’t rely on any Google components for location, push notifications

This is pretty cool, I really like the availability of molly-foss for if you really want to go the extra mile for foss.

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